How to get to Friland

Friland is situated in the small village of Feldballe, 35kms north-east of Aarhus. It is easy to get to Aarhus by bus, train or ferry.

From Aarhus you need to take a bus to Feldballe. Aarhus-Tirstrup airport is 7 kms
from Feldballe.


The only public transport to Friland is a regular bus service,  number 122, directly
to Feldballe, or the 120, 121 or 123 to Rønde, then change there for the 122 to Feldballe.
Here is a map with directions for walking from the train station to the bus stop.

If you are travelling through Copenhagen, the 888 bus is often the cheapest option. It arrives either at Aarhus, Ebeltoft (13 kms from Friland) or Rønde (7kms). You can take a taxi from these towns if the local bus connections aren’t sufficient.

You can also take the train to Aarhus, and sometimes cheap tickets are available through DSB (see link). Danish and international trains stop at Aarhus.
From there you take the bus to Feldballe.

Aarhus-Tirstrup airport is 7kms from Friland. It is serviced by SAS and Ryan Air amongst
others. From the airport you can walk 2kms out to the main road for a local bus to Feldballe or catch a taxi. Billund airport is further away, but there are bus/train connections.

If you are travelling by ferry from the UK, you will land in Esbjerg. You can take the train from here to Aarhus.

If you are attending one of our courses, we are happy to help co-ordinate carpooling and taxi sharing.


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