Jo Morandin

Lars Keller

About Us

Small Planet smba (est. 2012) is a small business
run by Lars Keller and Jo Morandin.

Our base is at Friland - the alternative community where we also live.
But our activities extend far beyond our office...

Our work is diverse, but has some common elements: sustainability, education, self-empowerment, low-cost low-impact living.

Small Planet ~ because Earth is a finite entity with finite resources
- we have to learn to live within these limits.

Small Planet ~ because globalisation has brought us closer together - all the corners of our big world have become accessible. Knowledge, Culture, Networks, Friendship.

Our Focus Areas

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Karsten Klokkerholms ovn

Finnish Masonary Heaters

Rocket Stoves

Pizza Ovens

Clay Finish Plasters

Clay Paints

Lime Finish Plasters



Natural building

Ecococon pre-fabricated panels