Finnish Masonary Heaters


Rocket Stoves



Pizza Ovens

Lars Keller has been building masonary heaters since 1999. He builds either alone, with a colleague from the Jutlandic Masonary Heater Guild, with help from the customer, or with interested participants as a workshop.

The main types of heaters Lars builds are:

Finnish-style masonary heaters - usually including a baking oven and hot water production.

Rocket stoves - give flexibility in design. Can be just for heating, but can also include a water heater, baking oven or hotplate.

Pizza ovens - for indoor or outdoor use. Give a high temperature and a baking surface perfect for pizza, but also good for other baking and cooking.

Please contact us if you'd like more information about masonary heaters and ovens.

You can find more information in Danish here.