Past Participants

What participants from our previous courses have to say about the  PEC.

It gave me new enthusiasm for living the permaculture life and more confidence to start projects.
It was a very positive and empowering week 😀

(Elan Flach, Netherlands/Denmark)


I have since organized three Permaculture Introduction courses and I relied a lot on the PEC both for inspiration on format of the courses and presentation techniques as well as for games and excercises.

It has given me confidence in teaching permaculture and it made me formulate a one line permaculture explanation.

(Emily Guinane, Sweden)


I had already an experience in giving courses but not this kind of courses. I mean, I have teached in some universities giving some very academic courses.

But to make people involved in permaculture or more widely into the transition phenomenon, this kind of teaching is unadapted. What adults are expecting is to be a part of the course, to participate to the rhythm of the course, to bring something to the others, and not only to receive knowledge. That is what that course in Friland brought me, really.

(Jean Irubetagoyena, Basque France)


As a strategical municipal planner it has given me a lot of new skills to use in interaction with others where I have to bring in new ideas and working models. It has also given me a supportive network to ask for objective help and ideas on problems that I experience in my work.

(Ann Green, Sweden)


It’s been an invaluable source of inspiration and encouragement and helped me to see how I can pull all the elements of my future plans together, which involve education and wilderness guiding. It’s also provided a wide network of people who I know I can go to for support and potential collaboration in the future.

(Becky Hastings, Finland/UK)


The course developed the skills that were dormant in me and previously undeveloped. Because the course is very different to the mainstream education forms, it developed just those skills that were previously not unfolded.  So, in my experience the course was enriching but also very suited to develop the skills needed to teach and practice PC.

And no other form would suite it so well as that of the PEC course I went through in Denmark! The many meetings and connections with the colourful and intelligent individuals that participated in the PEC remain with me today. And it will also live in the moments where I come into contact with PC. Those experiences will no doubt also enrich others when I teach PC.

And this is ,in a nut shell, the most important aspect the PEC course has provided.  The PEC course is like a permaculture garden feeding people physically but also mentally

(Steven Dalving, Belgium)


I experienced (!not only got told! and thus found as an impressive insight) how important and extremely fulfilling it is for a course, if you allow for the participants to find answers and even their way to recognition themselves rather then pre-planning everything. What’s more is something I just realised yesterday when I was giving a completely unprepared talk in English that I’ve gained even some talking-to-groups-in-English skill and confidence at the PEC. I have already applied so many of the methods that were introduced there – and successfully 🙂 I really feel like a prepared and qualified permaculture teacher after that. 

(Gregor Scholtyssek, Germany)